Investee Companies

In addition to promoting businesses internally, Info Edge recognizes opportunities that a burgeoning internet sector provides. It believes original concepts, sustained execution and the spirit of enterprise are key elements for success in developing online businesses. The company has, therefore, invested in early stage start-up ventures to support the growth of these entrepreneurial driven activities; gain from enhanced value creation, where this occurs; and bring such enterprises into the Info Edge fold. It has the following continuing external financial and strategic investments:

Zomato Ltd.

Zomato Limited owns & operates the website, It generates revenue from advertisements of restaurants and lead sales.

PB Fintech Ltd.

PB Fintech doing business as, develops and publishes an online financial services platform. The company offers a consumer centric platform by partnering with financial services companies such as insurance companies to help customers select products/schemes that best suit their requirements.

Printo Document Services Pvt. Ltd.

Printo is a print-on-demand platform for personal and business print and corporate merchandise in India. The Company provides business cards, business stationary, ID cards/accessories, flyers/leaflets, posters, standees, brochures, signage, stickers, calendars and diaries; gift products; personalized greeting cards; photo books; T-shirts and apparel; and marketing collaterals. It retails its products online and via retail stores.

Nopaperforms Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nopaperforms runs a business of providing a SaaS platform (via website namely which has a suite of software products including lead management system, application management system, campaign management etc. The site aims to create IP out of providing an end-to-end solution to institutions and individuals, as the case may be, for managing their leads and workflows.

Agstack Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Agstack is a technology enabled marketplace (operated through a website and its app ‘Gramophone’) for enabling efficient farm management. Farmers can buy quality agricultural input products like seeds, crop protection, nutrition and equipment directly from its m-commerce platform.

Bizcrum Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Bizcrum is a B2B marketplace (ShoeKonnect mobile app/ website) that enables footwear brands, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to connect, communicate & transact with each other for conducting and expanding their business. The platform facilitates catalogue/inventory uploading, order placement, order receipt, delivery scheduling and payment management amongst manufacturers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers.

Medcords Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Medcords (operated through a website and its app ‘Medcords’) is a cloud-based ML powered ecosystem that connects and enables various stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem. The ecosystem facilitates, among other things, remote consultations and follow-up consultations with doctors, and intelligent digitization of users’ medical records and on-demand availability of such records. The venture aims to create IP out of medical data and advanced analytics to create efficient healthcare decision systems for doctors, hospitals, government, etc. They currently have a web-app for doctors and android apps for pharmacies and patients.

Shop Kirana E Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Shopkirana is engaged in the business of developing a B2B e-commerce platform for ordering, delivery, payments and related products/services among various stakeholders in grocery/FMCG supply chain. Shopkirana helps retailers with simple and efficient M-distribution platform by ensuring the most competitive prices, quick delivery and single sourcing channel for retailers while brands have visibility and direct connect to retailers for promotions or product launch.

Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd.

Greytip is an HR and Payroll SaaS company focused on serving SME customers in India and abroad. Their software solutions cover all areas, including employee information management, leave and attendance management, payroll, expense claims and more. They enable companies in their digital transformation by streamlining HR operations, increasing productivity and by enhancing employee experience.

LQ Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

LQ Global is SaaS product at the intersection of Technology & Legal utilizing Machine Learning, Modern Search algorithm & Data Analytic for the legal professionals. It is a Legal-Tech venture run by versatile team of techsavvy attorneys, engineers and designers who aim to make the practice of law simpler for its end users.

Metis Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.

Metis is an online government jobs preparation platform. It is India’s leading education-technology company that helps students prepare for several government jobs via its multiple platforms,, Adda247 mobile app, Adda247 Youtube channel, and Career Power.

Terralytics Analysis Pvt. Ltd.

Terralytics is engaged in the business of developing real estate intelligence and analytics platform for sale to banks, developers, consulting firms, etc. for diligence, information and other purposes.

Llama Logisol Pvt. Ltd.

Llama’s vision is to digitalize the entire logistics ecosystem. It has launched the platform for Exporters and Importers to manage their vendors for Price Procurement, Shipment Execution and end to end container tracking. The product is designed to empower exporters and importers to digitalize their operations and bring about significant time and cost savings.

Juno Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Juno is engaged in the business, which is an interactive, online school that teaches sales techniques, processes, and tools to students and entry-level professionals in an experiential manner, to enhance employability.

Crisp Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Crisp provides an AI based data platform catering to Banks, Insurance companies, NBFCs and other BFSI clients. Their product uses a layer of data adaptors which captures data across workflows creating a data lake which acts as a single source of truth for their clients. They also provide their own data storage and have proprietary AI engine using which they have built various products on top of it like smart underwriting, collection analytics, omni-channel customer experience management among others. It also acts like a PaaS as many of their clients choose to build their own modules on top of their data platform.

Unboxrobotics Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Unbox Robotics is a leading supply chain robotics technology company, specialising in robotics-based fulfilment and distribution technology for small to large e-commerce, retail and logistics enterprises. Unbox Robotics’ cutting edge technology solutions accelerates the parcel sortation and order fulfilment to facilitate efficient express logistics operations delivering seamless end customer experience.
Unbox Robotics’ USP lies in its ability to scan, sort and dispatch packages in less than 50-70% physical space through its innovative and compact vertical sorting robotic solution.

BrainSight Technology Pvt. Ltd.

BrainSight is engaged in the business of facilitating the discovery of holistic reporting built with imaging modalities such as fMRI, sMRI and digital phenotypes processed through AI powered platform developed by the company. BrainSight is creating an advanced suite of neuroinformatics, which combines 3D visualization, 3D modeling, AI and advanced imaging modalities like resting-state fMRI with other modalities, to offer a comprehensive picture of the brain.

String Bio Pvt. Ltd.

String Bio is engaged in the business of developing, manufacturing and selling of value added products from biological processes, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of feed protein, human protein, carotenoids, acetic acid, lactic acid, succinic acid or any other products by applying the technology (SIMP platform) of converting the organic waste, biogas, methane using recombinant methanotrophic bacteria, micro-organisms and processes for fermentation and purification of value added products from gaseous substrates.

Attentive AI Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Attentive AI is a deep learning company that applies machine learning computer vision algorithms on satellite imagery to generate business insights useful for insurance, navigation, landscaping and other industries.

Attentive OS Pvt. Ltd.

Attentive OS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Attentive Inc, US and it is engaged in providing software development support to Attentive Inc., US.

Skylark Drones Pvt. Ltd.

Skylark is engaged in the business of providing worksite intelligence (including data such as site conditions and/or data analytics) (on platform developed by the Company) to its customers of data collected by it and any other business that the Company undertakes in the future as permitted by its charter documents.

RAY IOT Solutions Inc.

Ray IOT develops a non-contact breathing and sleep tracker for babies. Raybaby analyzes and relays a host of information about your baby’s health through an app called ‘Smart Journal’. Ray IOT has created the first and only non-contact wellness and sleep tracker.

AarogyaAI Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

AarogyaAI Innovations is engaged in the business of diagnosis of drug-resistant diseases with the help of machine learning and AI-powered software. There machine learning algorithm provides the output report of the comprehensive drug susceptibility status of the patient based on the DNA sequence of the patient

Psila Tech Pte. Ltd.

Psila is engaged in building a platform for discovering and understanding crypto and allied assets, community led social trading through integration with crypto exchanges.

Sploot Pvt. Ltd.

Sploot is engaged in the business of providing products and services to pet parents with respect to the pet’s health, behaviour and nutrition through content and app-based help. This includes organization of pet’s medical records, everyday tasks and access to professionals and services.

Vyuti Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Vyuti is engaged in business of designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing of hardware and software solutions based on machine vision technology that enables industrial robotic arms in auto component and OEM manufacturing sectors, to universally pick, orient and place rigid objects from random orientations.

Ubifly Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ubifly is engaged in the business of development and commercialization of aerial vehicles and related technologies.