Matrimony was acquired by Info Edge in September 2004. Demographic and social factors have played a determining role in the growth of the online matrimonial space in India. In the widely diversified social landscape of India, this has translated into a highly fragmented market. The sizeable opportunity in this space is still restricted largely to arranged marriages with parental consent. Given the challenges, has successfully managed to establish a leadership position among select communities in north and west India. While focusing on gaining market share, there is emphasis on maximizing the flow of paid customers to its social network.

The website has a revenue model which is free to list, search and express interest, but pay to get contact information. By end of FY 2015-16, the site had 7.6 million profiles (ever loaded) on our site.

The newly launched mobile app provides seamless accessibility to customers; a fact that has received overwhelming response from consumers. The company has invested significantly in analytics driven enhanced customer experience. It continuously analyses online data to understand customer behavior and adopts its product and commercial model accordingly. Using a judicious mix of increased brand building and improved targeting of customer, the company has managed to create differentiation for the product. Product innovations are expected to enhance this process further in the near future.

To complement the online offering, a few offline Jeevansathi Match Points and some franchisee centers have been established in high footfall retail areas in certain cities. These outlets provide assisted services and help prospective brides or grooms or their families understand and interact with the site. The offline centers help explain the concept and facilitate search and matching services.