Info Edge is involved in three broad groups of online businesses:

  • Its core business, recruitment, in which it has clear leadership position.
  • An internal portfolio of businesses dealing with online platforms for real estate, education and matrimony.
  • Businesses in which Info Edge is an investor and plays a supervisory and supporting role to the existing entrepreneurs who manage the day-to-day operations.

Over the recent years, Info Edge has been able to garner greater shares of the classified market because of a general shift to more online activity and greater acceptability of its offerings in the online space. There has been a rapid acceleration in internet usage during this time in India; in fact, it took almost a decade to reach the first 100 million customers, while the second 100 million user base has been added in only three years. Internet penetration is witnessing exponential growth with mobile internet being the primary growth driver.

While this represents a tremendous increase in the opportunities available for Info Edge, the company faces the challenge of creating products that are device agnostic. Consumer preferences are also evolving at a rapid pace and attention and efforts have therefore been focused on understanding customer behavior across mediums to deliver satisfaction through different products.

To remain ahead of competition in an ever-changing volatile market, the company’s recent focus has been to develop new and updated apps for mobile phones for its classified online businesses to help customers stay on track with their search and discovery processes. The backend APIs and services infrastructure have been re-architected and main components simplified to support speed to market in launching new features for diverse devices and platforms.